Set & spatial design

Some of my work related to set & spatial design

Artifact series

1974 – 1984 Architectural study


Vine runway

Project description

The design was made with an existing range in mind as a personal project. Valentino Spring 2015 Couture.

The concept came from the main themes of the range, intimacy and romance.

The range was inspired by Quotes from Shakespeare and Verona.

Dante’s Inferno and the Russian painter, Marc Chagall.

I took inspiration from Verona and created a vine that seems to be hanging from its own leaves.

The leaves separate the range and create an intimate space from which the viewer can experience each dress.

Concept drawings

In the large hall is a ramp consisting of vines that have grown up from traditional stone floor to form a walkway.

The dark green vines stand out from the cobblestone. On the side of the runway fabric is draped in sections to form fabric leaves.

On fabric leaves details are embroidered to emphasise the inspiration of each section of the range.

Vine ramp

The walkway consists of a large-scaled piece of vine. The vine seems to be growing organically.

The leaves are made out of fabric from which the vine bridge is suspended. These leaves create intimacy. The vine stem looks like a stone bridge with small-scale vine growth on it.

The leaves shape is drawn from the leaf detail used within the couture line.

Developed conceptual drawing

The walkway consists of a large-scaled piece of vine.

To support the vine it will be placed on pillars.

On the sides of the walkway the audience will sit in curved stalls.

The front section will be reserved for the media.

The viewers are therefore still close enough to have an intimate viewing of each dress.

Colour Palette

Consists of soft tones.

The colours are subtle, light and romantic as to not distract from the range. The brown tones come from traditional cobblestone work.

A dark green will be in the vine work and is inspired by the vines growing outside Juliet’s bedroom in Verona.


The leaves consist of fabric and each handled differently.

They are constructed out of draped fabric, supported at the bottom to create the illusion that the bridge is suspended from the leaves.

The fabric is soft and thin but not fully sheer.

From the bottom of the leaves on the outside and inside the themes within the looks will come through.

Details will be embroidered on the fabric in a vine-like design. The embroidered details will be done as if they are growing up through the leaves toward the sky.


I aspire to one day work as a Production Designer, hence; I recognise the significance of possessing a good understanding of time and place.

My exploration of this field led me to perceive that there is a need for artists who can graphically represent a vision for film or commercial purposes.
This project was inspired by two interior design and decorating books; one from 1974 and one from 1984. Together they serve as a time capsule of ten years.

I wanted to create a house that encapsulated all the era had to offer, while simultaneously developing my skills in architectural design software.

For this project, I painted the mood of each room in gauche along with texture swatches. Afterwards, Autocad was used for the floorplan. Lastly, the modelling of the house happened through Sketch-up.

The original texture swatches were pulled into Photoshop to create surfaces like wallpapers and then brought into the Sketch-up model. Once rendered through V-ray the props dressing and final tweaks took place in photoshop.

This project, therefore, serves as a portfolio of my current skill set hoping that it could be useful to the art department.

Project details

Production Company:  Happy Cat Films

Client:  Vicks

Art Director:  M-J Botha


M-J hired me to design the set to be built in studio. The design included a living room and a full kitchen build as well as a rigged wall.

The break-away wall in between the living room and kitchen had to be face brick.

When the actor jumps backward some of the bricks must give way as the actor travels through the wall. How the wall would give way up had to be designed before construction.


This is a series of conceptual artworks created through Sketch Up modeling and V-Ray rendering.

Each scene is inspired by a collection of samples gathered from nature, treasures from the past and snippets of the future.

The first two artworks in the series explore liminality and sentiment.

My hope is that each scene will tell its own story along with offering me a space to grow my skill set.

Artifact series;
Scene 1: 7 Years
Theme: Liminality


This is the first scene of my new series called

Named after the ‘sewejaartjie’ or Cape everlasting flower. The shapes of the flower’s leaves inspire the shapes within the space. The cut flowers from the sewejaartjie are known to last for years. But the plant has a short life span and is known for disappearing from the veld after a seven year cycle.

The space explores the liminal stage. The waiting space in between the conscious and dream world. But also for the sewejaartjie the end of the plant’s life but the continuation of the cut flowers life.

Artifact series;
Scene 2: Refuge
Theme: Sentiment


This is the second scene of the Artifact series.

The space explores sentiment. The space we seek for comfort. I grew up in the Northern Cape. Amongst red sand dunes and two mighty rivers. There is something incredibly beautiful hidden in the nothing. In barren spaces we can find places of refuge.

This oasis captures two pieces of sentiment to me. The shell is a gift from my father and represents his love for the desert & ocean that he boldly shared with us. The beads are from a necklace my
mom wore when I was a little.

I always find the question of where you are from really hard to answer. But here is a glimpse.