Prop design & fabrication

Some of my work related to prop design & fabrication

Press play

Explores a moment in time caught between the ordinary and chaos.

Within the four pieces, a paused moment in time is exhibited. The result or conclusion of each moment is unclear. The focus lies on exploring the moments that go past unnoticed.

Press Play consists of four caught in time props. 

All works are created with Worbla heat thermoplastic.


The work consists of:

  1. Coffee splash: Frozen in time splash as a takeaway coffee gets lifted into the air.
  2. Milk pour: Milk is pouring into black coffee with a bit of a splash and a ripple effect.
  3. Spaghetti on a fork: Spaghetti tangled on a fork hanging mid air. The moment before the bite.
  4. Wine glass spill: Red wine swirling out of a wine glass about to splash. All pieces made from Worbla’s Transpa Art and Worbla’s Deco Art, glass.

The coffee splash, milk & spaghetti was originally made as props for the Outsource Journey commercial.

Stadium bench seating

The seating was designed as a prop. The prop is made out of 4 birch plywood boxes. The aim was to create a creative seating solution for contemporary business and cafe environments.

Work pods

The work pods were created as privacy spaces used within a contemporary office set.

For this I had to build a cardboard prototype and find the perfect size.

I created the SketchUp drawings for the prop fabricator.